Кадр из фильма 1936 года "Пенни с небес" (с Лайонелом Хэмптоном на барабанах).

Текст песни:

Boy, don't you go in there
Come outta there, boy
Don't you know that house is haunted?

There's an old deserted mansion on an old forgotten road
Where the better ghosts and goblins always hang out
One night they threw a party tn a manner a la mode
And they cordially invited all the gang out

At a dark, bewitchin' hour when the fun was loud and hearty
A notorious wall flower became the life of the party
Mmm, the spooks were havin' their midnight fling
The merry makin' was in full swing

They shrieked themselves into a cheerful trance
When the skeleton in the closet started to dance
Now a goblin giggled with fiendish glee
A shout rang out from a big banshee

Amazement was in every ghostly glance
When the skeleton in the closet started to dance
All the witches were in stitches while his steps made rhythmic thumps
And they nearly dropped their broomsticks when he tried to do the bumps

You never heard such unearthly laughter, such hilarious groans
When the skeleton in the closet rattled his bones

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