Louis Armstrong и др.

Подарочное издание упаковано в картонный DigiPack размером 14,5 см х 25,5 см с 32-страничным буклетом-книгой, закрепленным в середине упаковки. Буклет содержит комикс и дополнительную информацию на английском и французском языках.

CD1: Golden Gospel 1928 / 1953
1.Didn't It Rain Розетта Терп, Мэри Найт
2.Swing Down, Chariot The Golden Gate Quartet
3.Lord Come See About Me "The Dixie Hummingbirds"
4.You'll Need Somebody On Your Bond Блайнд Вилли Джонсон
5.Little Boy Реверенд Келсей
6.The Old Ship Of Zion "The Roberta Martin Singers"
7.How I Got Over Клара Уард
8.In The Hupper Room, Part 1 & 2 Махалия Джексон
9.Canaan Land The Blind Boys Of Alabama
10.Our Father "The Original Five Blind Boys (Of Mississippi)"
11.Everytime I Feel The Spirit "The Spirit Of Memphis Quartet"
12.Too Close To Heaven Prof. Alex Bradford
13.Let Us Run (Run While The Sun Is Shining) "The Caravans", Бесси Гриффин
14.I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me "The St. Paul Baptist Church Of Los Angeles"
15.He's My Friend 'Till The End "The Soul Strrers", Сэм Кук
16.My Rock "The Swan Silvertones"
17.Precious Lord Brother Joe May
18.Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho Джош Уайт
19.Go Down Moses "The Southern Sons"
20.When The Saints Go Marching In Blind Willie Davis
21.Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen Луи Армстронг
22.Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child Сара Воэн
CD2: Gospel Train 1926 / 1953
1.Get On Board Little Children Ж. Ерл Хайнес
2.This Train Розетта Терп
3.Don't Miss That Train "The Trumpeteers"
4.The Lord's Gospel Train Мэри Делоуч
5.Heaven Bound Train Reverend B.C. Campbell
6.Black Diamond Express To Hell, Part 1 & 2 Rev. A.W. Nix
7.Old Gospel Train (The Next Stop Is Mine) "The Original Gospel Harmonettes"
8.Gospel Train Мэри Найт
9.Mother On The Train "The Detroiters"
10.I'm Gonna Meet You At The Station Rev. Gary Davis
11.The Gospel Train Is Leaving Rev. J.C. Burnett
12.Golden Gate Gospel Train "The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet"
13.This Train Эльдер Р. Уилсон
14.When The Train Comes Along "The Norfolk Jubilee Quartet"
15.Heaven Bound Train "The Jackson Gospel Singers"
16.The Railroad "The Original Gospel Harmonettes"
17.Death Black Train Is Coming Rev. J.M. Gates
18.Heavenly Gospel Train "The Heavenly Gospel Singers"
19.I'm Going Home On The Morning Train Arizona Dranes
20.Don't Miss That Train Вайнона Карр
21.Tell Me How Long The Train's Been Gone "The Charioteers"

Same Train The Golden Gate Quartet


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